Anchorage Welcomes You
Photos in, and flight home from Alaska
by Mustang II Experimental Airplane - N727RH
All images  Copyright © 2002   Rick Henry   All rights reserved

Updated June 28, 2002
Proper flight planning and preparation is required for all flights to and in Alaska.
Attempting to fly this route or duplicate this trip would obviously be AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Some images [on the ground] from Alaska:

Aircraft Have Right of Way on Roads sign
Right of Way
at Lake Hood

As it should be!
(50 KB)
Driving around Lake Hood
Driving around
Lake Hood

(44 KB)
Floatplane departs from Lake Hood
Lake Hood

(38 KB)
Salmon catch
Salmon catch

(60 KB)
Salmon river boat wind chill
Wind chill

11:30 at night
(56 KB)

Flight home:

Repacking for flight home

for flight home
(66 KB)
Smoke on approach to Whitehorse, YT
Smoke at Whitehorse

From forest
fires near Fairbanks
(18 KB)
View south over Liard River
Over Liard River

view south on airway
departing The Highway
(31 KB)
On final to Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Fort Nelson, BC

Runway 3
Note the TREES
all around
(31 KB)
Camping at Fort Nelson, BC
Camping at
Fort Nelson, BC

(60 KB)
On final to Whitecourt, Alberta
Whitecourt, AB

Runway 11
(30 KB)
Calgary, Alberta from 13,000'
Calgary, AB

From 13,000'
(32 KB)
Lethbridge, Alberta from 13,000'
Lethbridge, AB

Frequent stop for
aircraft enroute to Alaska
(43 KB)
Canada / United States border - looking west
Canada / US border

26 miles north of
Cut Bank, Montana
(36 KB)
Glacier National Park, Montana
Glacier National
Park, MT

(28 KB)

Great Falls

(38 KB)
Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls, MT

(46 KB)
Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls, MT

Big Sky country
(48 KB)
'Big Snowy Mountain', Montana

'Big Snowy Mountain'
(29 KB)
Sheridan, Wyoming
Sheridan, WY

Big Horn Airways
(47 KB)
Longmont, Colorado
Longmont, Colorado

Base to runway 29
(61 KB)

This was the view
for many hours
(35 KB)
Flight Tracker screen shot
Flight Tracker

(54 KB)
Cumulus building

at 13,000'
(31 KB)
Enroute above the cumulus and turbulence
Above the

at 15,000'
(76 KB)

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