Mustang II Flight Manual

 Updated December 20, 2001

Flight Manual and checklist The following files include Microsoft Word v 6.0 Documents included in my Mustang II Flight Manual. Both Zipped and individual .doc files are available. The FAA inspector in Memphis seemed pleased with the documentation. (Read: It made certification easier...) The Manual used was a "boiler plate" Flight Manual called "Pilot Handbook and Owners Manual" by Thomas Brown and was purchased from Aircraft Spruce and Specialty Company (P/N 13-16410) for $29.95. The book is a 7" by 9" binder with ready-to-fill-in-the-blanks 5" by 7" pages. The Flight Manual pages below were added and / or modified to depict some of the specifics of this aircraft. They were printed in a 5" by 7" format (thus 8 1/2" by 11" paper was cut to size after printing, then hole punched). The Electrical and Fuel Systems bitmap drawings are larger and are designed to fold in half into the manual. Mustang builders could edit these pages to make their own custom manuals.

Use of this information for Your aircraft is obviously AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Flight Manual [added pages] (33 KB zipped)

Flight Manual Forms (16 KB zipped)

Flight Manual Systems Bitmaps (24 KB zipped)

The FLTMAN.ZIP file (33K) includes:

contents.doc 8KTable of contents page
flttest.doc15KFlight test program letter
limits.doc22KLimitations section
mel.doc17KMinimum Equipment List
normal.doc17KNormal Procedures
systems.doc31KSystems descriptions

The FORMS.ZIP file (16K) includes:

faqs.doc12KFrequently asked questions (8 1/2" x 11")
comment.doc8KComment form (not serious...)
fltlog.doc13KFlight log sheet (5" x 7")
normckli.doc16KNormal checklist in columns (to laminate front to back)
oilconsu.doc11KOil consumption log (5" x 7")
squawk.doc10KSquawk sheet (5" x 7")
Not included in the ZIP file is [the new]:
nextmaint.doc13KNext Maintenance sheet (5" x 7")

The BMPS.ZIP file (24K) includes:

ELECSYS.BMP441KElectrical system bitmap drawing
FUELSYS.BMP441KFuel system bitmap drawing
PITOTSYS.BMP441KPitot static system bitmap drawing

Fuel System Schematic

Fuel System schematic
Photo of fuel panel

Electrical System Schematic

Electrical System schematic

Vacuum System Schematic

Vacuum System schematic

Pitot / Static System Schematic

Pitot System schematic