Mustang II Alaska Photos & Journal

Experimental Airplane - N727RH

Updated August 7, 2011
WARNING: Proper flight planning and preparation is required for all flights to and in Alaska.
Attempting to fly this route or duplicate this trip would obviously be AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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Route to Alaska - May, 2011 - Click for larger image


Flight from Florida to Alaska - May 16-18, 2011

Spruce Creek, FL

Daytona Beach, FL

Flooding of the Mississippi
River northwest of Memphis

Lake of the Ozarks, MO

Departing Omaha, NE

XM weather limits
approaching Regina, SK

Edmonton, AB
Spent the night here

Gas wells in Alberta

Approaching Fort Nelson
in instrument conditions
Smelled forest fire smoke
and picked up some ice

Watson Lake, Yukon

Mountains between
Watson Lake and
Whitehorse, YT

Whitehorse, YT

Mentasta Mountains

Matanuska Glacier, AK

Unloaded in Anchorage
Memphis to Alaska in
19.9 hours / two days

Flight South - July 23-25, 2011

Departing Anchorage

Matanuska Glacier
compare the lack of snow
of the photo northbound

A self portrait
near Gulkana, AK

Mt. Sanford

Northway, AK airport
from 11,000'

Alaska / Yukon border
Alaska Highway visible
on Canadian side

AK / YT border
on the GPS

Whitehorse Airport
Largest weathervane in
the world - Actually
pivots with the slightest

Double rainbow in showers
Enroute from Whitehorse
to Watson Lake

Mountains of the Yukon
compare the lack of snow
with the photo northbound

Watson lake airport, Yukon

Watson Lake, YT

Camp at Watson Lake, YT

Dinner at Watson Lake

Sunset from the tent
at 10:20 PM July 23

Sunrise at 5:30 July 24

Ft. Nelson, BC
from 9,000'

Departing Ft. St. John, BC

Enroute four hours
Ft. St. John, BC
to Regina, SK

Regina, SK
Spent the night here

Canada / US border
Canada on the left
side looking east
Enroute to Minot, ND

Flooding on approach
to Omaha, NE

Elliott Aviation Omaha, NE
I got a souvenir hat
for my grandson Elliott

An unusually high oil temp
from Omaha to Memphis
kept my attention

Using the XM weather to
avoid thunderstorms in
Missouri and Arkansas

Using the XM weather to
avoid thunderstorms in
Missouri and Arkansas

Avoiding the thunderstorms
50 miles away

Rerouted through Military
Operations Areas near
Whiteman AFB, MO

Thunderstorms in the
Memphis area were not a
factor when I arrived

Journal and flight times to be added at a later date

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