Map of
Midget Mustang and Mustang II Experimental Airplanes

To add or revise information about your airplane or one you know of - flying or project - email Rick Henry at:

Click on an icon for information. Data fields include:
Registration / M1 or M2 / Serial # / Home City / State, Province or Region / Airport ID / Country / Owner / Email / Phone / Builder / Year of Airworthiness / Total Flight Time / Comments or Notes - (Fixed conventional [tailwheel] gear unless otherwise noted) / Photo(s)
Consider that any information that you send will be visible to the public.
Some information posted is from public government aircraft registries.
Most positions indicate registry location - not necessarily the actual aircraft location unless an airport ID is in the description.
This page is a work in progress as I add aircraft from various government registries. If you know of any Mustangs not listed here please let me know.

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("UC"= Under Construction)
Midget Mustangs Flying35
Midget Mustang Projects / UC7
Mustang IIs Flying121
Mustang II Projects / UC18
Total Mustangs Depicted181

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Updated March 31, 2024
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