Takeoff and Landing Video
Full stop landing and takeoff in under 1,000 feet

Video from October 30, 1999

Full stop landing in 500 feet Some time ago I heard someone say "I need a short field airplane, so I'm building a [brand x] instead of a Mustang II". That afternoon I jumped in the Mustang II to see what the airplane could do. Steve Crocker took the video standing approximately 925 feet from the runway threshold.

The :33 second video below is of N727RH doing a short field landing to a full stop (in 500 feet) and then taking off (in another 450 feet) for a total landing and takeoff distance of 950 feet. (In the video notice the 1,000 foot runway marker just 50 feet after liftoff.) Mustang IIs are routinely flown into grass fields as well.

Four full stop landings were performed - distances 500-550 feet.
Four short field takeoffs were performed - distances 400-450 feet.

Conditions: Gross weight - 1,450 pounds; 10 knot headwind component; field elevation 401 feet (KOLV, MS), temperature 72°; flap 25° for takeoff, full flap for landing; full power prior to brake release; maximum braking on landing. Date: October 30, 1999
Note: Cleveland "Super Heavy Duty" magnesium brakes installed. (192,000 foot pound kinetic energy rating.) Kit: 199-152, Wheel: 40-151, Disc: 164-85, Assembly: 30-133, Lining: 66-105

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