"What My Mustang II Means to Me"
by Kirk Harrell

At the end of the day or after a long hard week, I go to a little hangar that is non-descript. That little hangar looks like 30 other little hangars, all lined up in a field of well mown grass and Whip-Or-Will birds. Inside this hangar is a suit of armor I hammered out myself. Tailor made to fit me perfectly. When I put on this suit of armor, I take off the cares of my life, and go defy gravity for awhile. My spirits are lifted as the cares of the world are left on the ground and I gain some perspective of how small my problems really are as I see tiny cars traveling tiny roads, a sunset after everyone else has missed it, a sunrise before anyone else can see it, a shining golden river twisting off into the distance .

After awhile I come back and climb out of my suit of armor and become a normal pedestrian again, but when I pick up my cares to take them home, somehow they are not as heavy, and the car finds its way back to my driveway as I dream of the next time can defy gravity and escape the bonds that so many never can shake.

This is what my Mustang II means to me.

This is what my Mustang II means to me

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