Mustang IIs, Midget Mustangs
and Mustang Builders

planning to attend AirVenture Oshkosh 2018
July 23-29, 2018

Mustangs at AirVenture 2016
Mustangs at AirVenture 2016 - 2015 photo - 2014 photo

   Flying a Mustang in:
OwnerHomeTypeN# / Reg.Notes & Days
Carlo CilliersMDM-IIN462MCall week41412/2011
Kirk HarrellALM-IIN22YR6259/1998
Rick HenryTN/AKM-IIN727RHSa-We10306/1998
Kent HulickTXM-IIN669SSa-Sa9001996
Larry KinderFLM-IIN81LK20701981
Chris TiemanMIM-IIN211BSMo-Fr3502005
Bruce TuckerMIM-IIN526BTAll week1582015
Karl UtterbackINM-IINX91622Su-Su3002004
   Attending: (but not flying a Mustang in)
Paul CoxFLM-IIN80PCMo-Fr31781986
Glenn L JohnsonVAM-IISu-Fr
Al KittlesonTXM-IIMo-Fr
John NoceroIAM-IISu-Th
Dean OlsonILM-IIN64DRSa-Tu
Mike OsmersVAM-IISu-We
Jon RadowskiAZM-IIMo-Th
Larry RogersM-IIN312WSTh-
Xavier ServajanFranceM-IMo-Th

If you have any edits or "fill-in-the-blanks" for the above, please email me.

Events and Links

- Mustang Parking In 2016 it was a few rows south of the Homebuilders Headquarters
    and in front of (east of) the Homeland Security / "Federal Pavilion" building.
- Mustang Dinner:   Tuesday July 24th 6:30pm At THE ROXY in downtown Oshkosh (same place as last year)
It is pay by individual check.
Chris requests: "I would like to have people email me.
We have a room to ourselves but with limited seating so it would help if we could get an email or call from those planning on attending so we can get an estimated head count."
Chris Tieman
Mustang Aeronautics, Inc
1990 Heide Dr.
Troy, MI 48084
(248) 649-6818
- Mustang Aeronautics AirVenture 2018 info
- Fly-In info for AirVenture 2018 from the EAA
- The AirVenture NOTAM

If you are coming to AirVenture 2018 and you'd like your name added to the list on this page -
If flying a Mustang in, please email: with the information listed in the table above
(Name, Home state or province, type of Mustang, N# or registration, when you plan to attend, total airframe hours, year it first flew)
If you are a Mustang Builder or owner and plan on attending (but not flying a Mustang in), you can:
email me with your name and I will add you to the "Attending" list.
Thanks! from Rick Henry

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