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Mission: To provide information, education and motivation for the Mustang II pilot, builder or enthusiast.

States visited by this Mustang II
   States visited - 49!

Short field landing video
Short field Video page
Landing, fullstop, then Takeoff -
ALL in under 1,000 feet!

Welcome to - Mustang II
Total Flight Time : 1,027 hours, 1,193 landings
First flight was June 19, 1998
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Flights to and from Alaska 2011
Alaska 2011 - Alaska 2010
Alaska 2008
- Alaska 2007
Alaska 2006 - Alaska 2005
Alaska Home Page - Denali

Live Anchorage ATC audio
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Photo of the Month   "Mustangs at Oshkosh 2016"
Profile view
Current Instrument Panel   (321 KB)   ;   Hi-Res   (2.8 MB)

Project History and Construction Photos:
Part 1:   27 photos - Center section through "On the gear"
Part 2:   41 photos - Wings, systems, engine, cowling
Part 3:   14 photos - Project 80% complete
Part 4:   32 photos - The final stretch including First Flight
Part 5:   36 photos - 1999 to today: "Enjoying Flying"; Young Eagles
Windshield / Canopy Mod   54 photos - Canopy lowering mod
Modifications in Progress
Miscellaneous Photos   links to images
First Flight Photos   4 photos

Video of tailwheel during landing with leaf springs (1:02)
Video of tailwheel during landing with original rod spring (:26)
    Entire pattern of above (timelapsed) (1:11)
Flying over Eagle Glacier, Alaska YouTube video - July 21, 2011
Flying over glaciers near Anchorage, Alaska
     YouTube videos - July 12th and 17th, 2010

Travel Photos:
Flight to the Total Eclipse  August 21, 2017
AirVenture 2015  64 photos   
AirVenture 2014  21 photos   
Fifth Flight to Alaska  May, 2011 - 45 photos
Fourth Flight to Alaska  May, 2010 - Journal with 30 photos
Alaska to The Lower 48  2008 - Journal with 69 photos
Flight above the Arctic Circle  24 photos
Flight to Seward, Alaska  26 photos
Flights in Alaska - 2007  35 photos
Third Flight to Alaska  2006 - 74 photos
Wedding in Bimini - Nov. 2005   101 photos   Part 2  62 photos
Bimini, Bahamas trip - Oct. 2005   112 photos   Part 2  85 photos
Second Flight to Alaska   Summer, 2005 - 44 photos
Québec and New England trip   26 photos   June, 2003
First Flight to Alaska   June, 2002 - 80 photos
Mayaguana, Bahamas trip   30 photos   June, 2001
Bimini and Key West trip   15 photos   July, 1999
Sun-N-Fun 2002   41 photos   SNF and Sun 100 Race - Mustang II style
Sun-N-Fun 2001   18 photos   From a Mustang II enthusiast's perspective

Other Builders and their Photos & Videos:  
Mustang Builders and Fliers   Part 1  Part 2
Kirk Harrell's Mustang II  28 photos
John Veale's videos
John Veale's Mustang II  19 photos    Part 2  15 photos
G.R. Bill Guernsey's Mustang II
Jay and Joe Fleeman's Mustang II    6 photos
Steve Crocker's Mustang II    43 photos
   Other Builders' Project Photos:
Part 1:    38 photos     Part 2:    31 photos    Part 3:    44 photos

Other Photos:  
Non-Mustang & personal photos
Rick's Cessna 150
Rick's Navajo
Our C-182 (sold in 2014)

Tricycle gear conversion  Updated
Biography of Bob Bushby , PDF version , Wikipedia page
Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs  Brief Description and Facts
FAA Limitations  N727RH specifications
N727RH Part Numbers (1.2 MB)

Lessons Learned   Tips for builders
"The Building, Modification and Flight Testing of a Mustang II Experimental Airplane"   A term paper describing the building process, psychological factors, etc.
Project Description   Modifications, details and system schematics
Flight Manual   Downloadable files to help make a Mustang II Flight Manual
Cruise at Flight Level 200    Posting    Photo , FL190
"Trips of a Lifetime" article   in AirVenture 2006 Program
Bahamas Entry Letter - Canadian Validation Letter
Flight Tips
Weight & Balance Spreadsheet (Excel format)
Weight & Balance Spreadsheet (Mac Numbers format)
Annual Inspection form
Garmin Installation Manuals and documentation

Travel Stories:
Alaska Journal - 2010    Fourth Flight to Alaska by Mustang II
Alaska Journal - 2008    From the Arctic to Mississippi
Alaska Journal - 2005    Flight to Alaska by Mustang II
Alaska Journal - 2002    Flight to Alaska by Mustang II
"You went WHERE?, for WHAT?"     The story of the flight to Mayaguana and Rum Cay, Bahamas in the search for license plates
"Bimini, Bahamas by Mustang II"    The story of the flight to Bimini and Key West
Ike Bartlett's Mustang II flight around the world

Other Mustang:
Mustang Aeronautics
Mustang E-Mail Group  Join for Free!
Mustang FaceBook Group
Mustangs For Sale  (From Mustang Aeronautics web site)
Mustang Links  Links to Mustang II related sites

Wikipedia Article on the Mustang II
CAFE M-II Performance Report 1995
AOPA Fly-Off RV-7 vs. Mustang II 2013
"What My Mustang II Means to Me"   by Kirk Harrell
Flying my grandson in the Mustang II, Part II, III, At age 4

Aviation Links  and FAA Info , TFRs , NOTAMs
   FAA Experimental Aircraft Advisory Circulars, A/Ds, NOTAMS, Links to other aviation sites, suppliers, information, photos.
Learn to Fly   For aspiring Student and Private Pilots
P-51 fly-by audio  (98 KB)
Builder's Bio , Instructor Notes , Aircraft Status
Young Eagles in Alaska 2009 , 2010
2009 Calendar appearances

C-182 flight to Alaska - May, 2012
Things to do in Alaska

Exuma Islands, Bahamas
from a Mustang II
Exuma Islands, Bahamas from a Mustang II
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